My laptop display is HiDPI, so I had to use fractional scaling using xrandr to make it look right. I've got the line below in ~/.xprofile:

xrandr --output eDP1 --scale 1.5x1.5

This works great, but as soon as I connect an external monitor to my laptop, these settings seem to be ignored and everything switches back to unit scaling. I tried to preemptively set the correct scaling for both displays monitor hoping that it would be picked up when I connect the second monitor:

xrandr --output eDP1 --scale 1.5x1.5 --output DP1 --scale 1x1

But this doesn't seem to work.

Where's the correct place to put these settings? Also, is there a way to uniquely identify a display (based on brand, model or something) and have configs per display?

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