Recently I ran into some I/O overload problrms on some of our machines and I have been searching to find thresholds for some metrics like:


Then I saw this post on Stack Overflow: display current I/O

I wonder if there is any way to find max queue length of my machine so when avgqu-sz is more than that number it means overload occurred?

Does queue length depends on RAID?

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    svctm is complete junk. See man iostat or utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/linux/IostatProblems – sourcejedi Apr 20 at 9:44
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    equal to (or approaching) - a value cannot be larger than a maximum. the absolute maximum is supposed to be calculated from the field nr_requests. though recently there are also a couple of features that can dynamically throttle it down. and there is some weirdness that i do not understand. – sourcejedi Apr 20 at 9:47

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