On Lubuntu 18.04 I would add users via System Tools > Users and Groups. How is this done on Lubuntu 19.04 as there is no "Users and Groups" under "System Tools " as there is in 18.04.


Lubuntu 18.04 System Tools > Users and Groups


Lubuntu 19.04 System Tools >

  • I confirm there's no "Users and Groups" under "System Tools" AKA gnome-control-center in Ubuntu 19.04, as 18.04 provides, so this isn't a Lubuntu issue, but an Ubuntu issue. Interim releases are sometime a little rough around the edges, and don't offer the stability and completeness which LTS releases do. – K7AAY Apr 22 at 18:05

Preferences > LXQt settings > Users and Groups


19.04: Preferences > LXQt settings >  Users and Groups


Please try the Ubuntu method; search on Users and an app should appear. If not, try the command line version outlined here:

sudo adduser username

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