I recently resolved this issue but that left me with missing icons in threaded view in thunderbird.

My broken machine has a threaded view that looks like this:

Missing Icon Image

But it should look like this:

Threads with correct icons

So the only thing that is missing is the little triangle icon that let's you know that the thread is collapsed. I should note that the threads still expand correctly if you click where the button should be, you just have to know where it is.

So far I've tried turning threads off and then back on to see if something gets reloaded. I've reinstalled thunderbird and all it's dependencies. I've reinstalled a few gnome-theme packages that seemed relevant but they are still missing.

When I start thunderbird I see 30 or so lines that say:

(thunderbird:2529): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_icon_theme_lookup_icon_for_scale: assertion 'scale >= 1' failed

I also see this error when I mouse over the messages.

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