From the command line, I'd like to play a audio clip, or random subset of a song, eg, seconds 5 - 10. This does not seem to be a feature of paplay or mpg123, the two programs I've been using.

ffmpeg allos me to trim a file (eg, ffmpeg -i file.mkv -ss 20 -to 40 -c copy file-2.mkv), but I'd like to avoid creating a new file. Piping the above does not seem to work, though I may be doing it wrong.

How can I do this?


This approach works fine for me. Use force format option -f and select wave, write to stdout then pipe to e.g. aplay like so:

ffmpeg -i input -ss 20 -to 40 -f wav - | aplay
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    Or if you have ffplay: ffplay -ss 20 -t 20 input – Gyan Apr 19 at 10:50
  • Works. Thanks. Is there a way to get ffplay or aplay to exit when the clip finishes? Right now it continues playing. Would prefer not to have to kill the process. – zadrozny Apr 19 at 16:39
  • ffplay -ss 20 -t 20 input -autoexit – Gyan Apr 19 at 17:33

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