I have a file named servername_test_LINUX_test_test_2019-04-19.xls

I have to create multiple copies of this file, with the condition that server name should be changed in each file created


original file-name:


newly created files names should be like this:


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    What determines the new filenames? – Jesse_b Apr 18 at 19:20
  • the tool for the job is larry wall's rename (apt-get install rename). – ctrl-alt-delor Apr 18 at 19:49
  • DOTA@ that did not work.. to be more clear. i have .xls file.. like this servername_test_LINUX_test_test_2019-04-19.xls .... i have to create the same file 100 times with 100 diff server names. so the servername field should be changing for every new file created with the server list i have. ... from the script you have given.. i have created server_list file and inserted server names in it and executed it. rest all i kept same...my OS- redhat. ty – sanjay golla Apr 18 at 22:04
  • "i have created server_list file" please edit your question to include a minimal sample of this file – steeldriver Apr 18 at 22:27
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I don't know how we're deterministically determining servername (I'm just iterating through a space delimited list of servernames in $server_list), but here's maybe a skeleton you can work from:

fn='_test_LINUX_test_test_2019-04-19.xls'; for s in $server_list; do cp -a servername$fn $s$fn; done

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