I installed the Windows 10 preview releases awhile back because I wanted to try the Sets feature that was being worked on. Sadly, this was removed from the beta releases, and has not returned.

Is there a Linux window manager that has this capability? (Using tabs of multiple different programs in one window.)


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This table of Window Managers shows Linux Window Managers with tabbed windows include:

xmonad, wmii, Window Maker, WMFS, PekWM, Ion, i3, FVWM, Fluxbox, and Compiz.

Some Desktop Environments are locked in to a specific Window Manager (e.g., Cinnamon), but GNOME and KDE are not.


I'm not familiar with that windows 10 feature, but it looks similar to window manager tabbing which had been around for quite a while.

I first encountered it in fluxbox over 10 years ago, but plenty of other WMs have that feature. It basically allows you to drag and drop a window onto another and the window manager will tab them together.


You can see it in action here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zENMoS1BbwM


For linux compiz there is a plugin exactly for that, however it might not be available at the time being in every compiz version


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