I have a file with 1 million lines. I want to extract lines from line 10001 to 500000 How to do this?


sed is your friend:

sed -n '10001,500000p;500001q'

Note that 500001q is needed to stop further file processing. Otherwise it will still read the file till the very end. Thanks for hint on this to @Freddy.

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    Maybe add ;500001q to stop further processing. – Freddy Apr 18 at 13:07
  • Updated the answer. Thx for hint – rush Apr 18 at 13:09

Might as well have a head/tail solution as well:

head -n 500000 yourfile.txt | tail -n +10001

(Somewhat misleadingly, tail -n +10 is different from tail -n 10 – the former starts at line 10, the latter only prints the last 10 lines.)

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