I used to work on linux in a virtual Box and now I'm using a computer with Ubuntu 16.04. I have some ps files I need to convert to pdf and I used to run the command ps2pdf file.ps file.pdf in my previous computer, but now it doesn't work, I get the following error:

/usr/bin/gs: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgs.so.9: undefined symbol: FT_Property_Set

I tried using convert file.ps file.pdf and it doesn't work either, I get the error:

convert.im6: not authorized `sc1.ps' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/454.
convert.im6: no images defined `sc.pdf' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3044.
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    How did you install the ps2pdf utility? It seems like it is missing a library, or has the wrong version of a library. You can check a little further with ldd `which ps2pdf` – ivanivan Apr 17 '19 at 19:16
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    For the second issue, please refer to this related Q&A: Error during converting jpg to pdf – steeldriver Apr 17 '19 at 19:17
  • I installed Ghostscript and it turned out to be already installed. The ps2pdf command worked just fine with an example ps file that has only images. However, the files I need contain fonts and I think that's where the problem is. – Paula Navarrete Díaz Apr 17 '19 at 19:21
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    Duplicate of unix.stackexchange.com/questions/387286/… ? – steve Apr 17 '19 at 19:29
  • I followed the steps indicated in the duplicate, but the thing is I don't have the libfreetype.so.6.14.0, and I don't have permission to edit the files anyway. I'm working on the last part, but still, – Paula Navarrete Díaz Apr 17 '19 at 20:32

Finally, I followed the steps in the duplicate: How to tell libgs to use another freetype implementation?

However, I didn't have the file libfreetype.so.6.14.0 to replace the original file libfreetype.so.6, so I just deleted it (changed its name) and it worked. Don't know why it worked, but it did. Thanks everyone anyway!

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Echo Paula's answer, remove or edit libfreetype.so.6. Reason mentioned in https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57396756/gnuplot-error-undefined-symbol-ft-property-set. I met similar error when I try to open rstudio on ubuntu.

rstudio: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/rstudio/plugins/platforms/../../lib/libQt5XcbQpa.so.5: undefined symbol: FT_Property_Set

The following codes work for me:

cd /usr/local/lib
sudo mv libfreetype.so.6 libfreetype.so.abc
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