I am using Mint 19 and I have a 250 GB SSD dual boot, but the Windows install has corrupted.  Since I don't use it anyway, I am trying to set up a 120 GB SSD as a Linux-only system.

I was able to do this and it booted fine (after a boot repair!), but for reasons I don't understand, although Timeshift restored all the programs from my 250 GB drive, it did not restore the settings, configurations and customizations in the programs; e.g., my Thunderbird accounts, Firefox settings, etc.; not even my desktop screen settings.  I tried re-installing Mint and restoring again but had the same problem.  I even tried setting up the 120 GB drive as a dual boot (it was, and worked, previously), but same problem with Timeshift.  I have restored from Timeshift many times very successfully and this is the first time this has happened.

How can I restore my configurations and customizations, etc?

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