I have a process which reads out data from a custom PCI-e device using a custom driver. The program takes a file descriptor as an argument and writes the raw data to it.

I would like to test the data readout performance of this device/driver, however, I can only do it using this program. In order to eliminate possible hard disk write speed bottlenecks, I want to send this data to /dev/null.

How can I possibly monitor the volume of data going from this process to /dev/null? Could I hack around this with symlinks somehow? Possibly create some kind of a descriptor which would have "internal logic" to achieve what I want?

  • In case you don't get any answers, you might try yourprogram 1 | dd bs=64k of=/dev/null and periodically send SIGUSR1 to the dd process, which will print out some statistics. – Mark Plotnick Apr 17 at 15:10
  • Have a look at pv: linux.die.net/man/1/pv – Patrick Mevzek Apr 20 at 21:49

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