I got this error bash: syntax error near unexpected token; while running this line: while; do; clear; tree .git; sleep 1; done

I got this line from this video

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The video shows

while :
    tree .git
    sleep 1

Running that as-is will work. If you want to put all the commands on a single line, you need to write it as

while :; do clear; tree .git; sleep 1; done

You can’t separate do from the following command with ;, and you need the colon (:) following while, which defines the condition (: is the same as true, it always succeeds).

See the looping constructs section of the Bash manual for details.

  • Similarly you don't use a semicolon after keywords of an if statement: if condition_commands; then success_commands; else fail_commands; fi Apr 17, 2019 at 17:53

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