Basically memory is a variable. In a script, I am trying to remote login to one server and execute free command to check memory usage and using awk I'm getting the usage in percentage. But I am getting syntax error for the below.

memory=`ssh $line -n "free | grep Mem | awk '{ print $3/$2 *100.0 }'"`

echo -e "The memory usage is: $memory" >>$LOGFILE

Error is:

awk: { print / *100.0 }
awk:          ^ unterminated regexp
awk: cmd. line:1: { print / *100.0 }
awk: cmd. line:1:                   ^ unexpected newline or end of string

Problem is that $3 and $2 are substituted by the shell (with nothing when unassigned) before the command runs, because they are enclosed in double quotes.

The single quotes inside the double quotes don't prevent that:

$ echo "'$unassigned'"

You should escape the $:

memory=$(ssh $line -n "free | awk '/Mem/ { print \$3/\$2 *100.0 }'")

Alternatively, you could run only free on the server, and awk on the client.

memory=$(ssh $line -n "free" | awk '/Mem/ { print $3/$2 *100.0 }')

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