The configuration has one bridge device and two ports attached to it. The requirement is to disable flooding or forwarding of any packet from bridge device to other associated ports. How to achieve this using ebtables? The bridge is made only for the processing of BPDU packets which will be consumed by the bridge automatically, but forwarding or flooding of packets other than BPDU is not accepted.

The ebtable manual says that the rules can only be applied on bridge ports which is not feasible in this case because there can be many interfaces associated with the bridge.

  • I don't understand what you mean with "the rules can only be applied on bridge ports" nor could I find it in the manual. Can you be more specific? Of course rules don't need a port to exist. Also are you sure you should allow BPDU to be forwarded? It looks to me it means the bridge will be seen as "usable" by others, perhaps taking over the path through an other bridge, while it would actually prevent any traffic. – A.B Apr 21 at 20:04

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