Is it possible to install texlive with tlmgr utility (from tug.org)? same question for installing texmaker (or texstudio) latex editors from sources (rather than AppImage, flatpack or snap packages). Thank you!

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For your first question: Alpine has latex in community repository. First, check if your community repository is enabled in /etc/apk/repositories (this is the example for latest stable alpine version):

# cat /etc/apk/repositories

Then, you can add latex with:

apk update && apk add texmf-dist texlive

In regards of texmaker or texstudio, the latter is not available, while texmaker is available on testing. In order to enable this repository, add to /etc/apk/repositories the following line:


Then, proceed as usual:

apk update && apk add texmaker

Since I've just ported texmaker, please wait from now few hours, so that the various mirror will synchronize, making texmaker package available.

Hope this helps!

.: Francesco

  • Thank you Francesco, it's solved now!
    – user56980
    Commented Jan 15, 2020 at 19:30

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