I have a raspberry pi with motion installed. I have a mjpg at localhost:8081 and want to transfer it to an other webserver on the internet, so it's kind of a relay. I don't know where to find the mjpg on the file system for easy transfer, it's not in the configured folder. So, what's the best way to transfer my localhost:8081 to my webserver? It shows the live image of my webcam.

  • Your localhost:8081 is probably motion's stream port: although motion presents it to the web browser as a mjpg file, it's actually relaying live data directly from the camera to the browser. So, do you want to make a snapshot or recording from the camera and transfer that to the webserver, or do you want the webserver to be able to access the webcam and see the live image? – telcoM Apr 14 at 10:37
  • i want to relay the mjpg to my other server on the internet – cli Apr 14 at 10:59

I believe this could be accomplished using ssh. Take a look at forwarding connections over ssh.

ssh -R remote_socket:host:hostport

If, for example, your webserver is example.com:

ssh -R 8081:localhost:8081 example.com

When run on your raspberry pi, will forward all connections pointed to port 8081 on your webserver over ssh to your raspberry pi.

I recommend trying this using another host on your LAN first to see if it meets your needs. From the raspberry pi:

ssh -R 8081:localhost:8081 other_lan_host

Alternatively, you can use the -L option and run the command from the LAN host that you are testing with:

ssh -L 8081:raspberrypihost:8081

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