I am trying to connect remmina to an RDP on tails distribution.

I have created the persistent volume and saved latest remmina along with all dependency, and the RDP plugin.

I thought it would be as simple as inputting the details and connecting. I now realize from some research that I need to create a proxy chain, although have not found any good resources or guides for setting it up.

I seen mixed reviews as some resources I find, which generally will be from 2014 or older, will have people saying it is inefficient / too laggy. Although, nobody offers a better alternative.

I am curious what is the best / most efficient option for connecting via RDP in the tails distribution.

Thank you

  • You say you 'saved latest remmina along with all dependency, and the RDP plugin.' Have you installed the application, plugins, etc. and tried to connect? – 0xSheepdog Apr 14 at 1:09

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