I am using the RME Fireface 802 to record a stereo signal for my stream, but unfortunatly OBS won't accept Multichannel audio that contains more than 8 signals.

So, since OBS doesn't like my multichannel feed, I have to give it a virtual stereo signal.

My Question: How do I create a stereo loopback from 2 selected audio signals from my audio interface?

  • Loopback (input) hardware source: 2 Channels on my Multichannel audio interface
  • Loopback (virtual input)newly created recording signal: Stereo (L/R) audio signal suitable for OBS

Technical details: Ubuntu 18.10 with PulseAudio and auvcontrol OBS 23.1.0 (linux)

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You might be looking for the undocumented jack client jack_thru. The only docs I ever found were in the book Advanced Audio Visualization Using ThMAD. Just enter


on the command line and you can start connecting to it in QJackCtl.

Note: I'm currently struggling with a new audio interface, so that's all the information I can give. But I have successfully used jack_thru for internal routing during the last few years. I'm on Linux Mint 19.3 and jack_thru resides in the package jackd2 (I had to compile jack_thru in earlier versions of Linux Mint, though).

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