How to list and compare the similar files from different directories using single command on Linux? Let's suppose there are three files a, b and c in directory /home/test and a, d, c files in another directory, /home/test1.

How can I list and compare similar files using a single command?

  • Are you interested in comparing the file contents or the file names, or some other aspect of the files? – Kusalananda Apr 13 at 12:08
  • Also, "similar" implies "almost the same". Could you elaborate on that? – Kusalananda Apr 13 at 13:46

This command will compare the file names in each directory and also report if any of the shared file names differ:

$ diff -qr /home/test /home/test1
Files /home/test/a and /home/test1/a differ
Only in /home/test: b
Only in /home/test1: d

kdiff3 is a good graphical tool. It can compare files and directories.

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