I recently installed parrot os. I have screen glitch as soon as I login.

On googling the problem I found this solution: https://community.parrotsec.org/t/live-parrotos-screen-tearing-glitch/5671

My problem is I don't know where to change the compositor settings in parrot os.


Have You Found The Solution ? If Not Then Follow Me !

  1. Go To Menu
  2. Search For Mate Tweak
  3. In Mate Tweak Go In Windows
  4. You Will Find Windows Manager
  5. Click On Select A Window Manager
  6. Select Macro(Compton GPU compositor)

Now The Screen Won't Get Glitched Again (It Worked For Me )

And .. Sorry For Bad English !

Have A Great Day !!!


Just solved it! Distorted screen on Parrotsec Os desktop! Control centre->window preferences-> disable the option”Enable software compositing window manager! And... done!

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