So I have a total of two bridges. One has the subnet (br0), and the other has the subnet (br1).

I want to setup an NGINX reverse proxy that would run on a container connected to br1, which will be proxying a server connected to br0.

However, when I simply attempt to ping from a LXC container on br0 to br1, the commands fail with messages like 'No route to host'.

How can I properly configure iproute and iptables so that packets between the two bridges are routed between them?

  • Perhaps the concept you are looking for is "router"? – 0xSheepdog Apr 12 at 14:01

After some digging around and experimentation with the 'ip route' command, a simple

'route add -net netmask gw'

on the LXC container connected to br1 solved the problem!

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