I am running a shell script via X command within a SAS macro. I want to use a macro variable defined in SAS macro, in my shell script. I know if I pass that macro variable as parameter to shell script, I can resolve that within X command.

For ex: Following will work fine, I know

%macro a;

%let var1=test;

X "abc.sh &var1";

%mend; %a;

shell script:

echo "value is $1" > myfile.txt


%macro a;

%let var1=test;

X "abc.sh;



shell script:

echo "value is &val1" > myfile.txt

IS there any way to resolve macro variable in shell script. I did my research but couldn't find anything.

Thanks, Deepak


The shell is not going to be able to resolve a variable from an external macro system, such as &val1, like you suggest in your example.

You can have the shell use values from the environment. For instance, if you export a variable VAR1 with contents test, then you could use this in abc.sh:

echo "value is $VAR1" >myfile.txt

(I'm only using all uppercase as that's the usual convention for exported variables in the shell, using a lowercase $var1 would be fine, as long as the name you export is also lowercase.)

How to export a variable from SAS is something you'll need to figure out (I have no experience with SAS.) It seems that SAS supports a setenv statement or command. setenv is typically used by some shells to export variables, so that's where I'd look if I was trying to export a variable myself.

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