I have the following zsh configuration:

autoload -Uz promptinit

setopt appendhistory autocd extendedglob nomatch notify
zstyle :compinstall filename '/home/folani/.zshrc'
autoload -Uz compinit
compinit -i -u -C

bindkey "^[[A" history-beginning-search-backward
bindkey "^[[B" history-beginning-search-forward

bindkey -v

#autoload -U edit-command-line
#zle -N edit-command-line
#bindkey '^B' edit-command-line                   # Opens Vim to edit current command line
#bindkey '^R' history-incremental-search-backward # Perform backward search in command line history
#bindkey '^S' history-incremental-search-forward  # Perform forward search in command line history
#bindkey '^P' history-search-backward             # Go back/search in history (autocomplete)
#bindkey '^N' history-search-forward              # Go forward/search in history (autocomplete)

setopt +o nomatch

# load antigen
source $HOME/.zsh/antigen.zsh

# Load the oh-my-zsh's library.
antigen use oh-my-zsh

# Bundles from the default repo (robbyrussell's oh-my-zsh).
#antigen bundle git
#antigen bundle heroku
#antigen bundle pip
#antigen bundle lein
#antigen bundle command-not-found
#antigen bundle zsh-users/zsh-syntax-highlighting

# Load the theme.
#antigen theme robbyrussell
# antigen theme https://github.com/caiogondim/bullet-train-oh-my-zsh-theme bullet-train

# Tell Antigen that you're done.
antigen apply

#    dir
#    virtualenv
#    time

I'm using antigen for plugin management. As per my understanding, this configuration shouldn't enable anything from oh-my-zsh yet (all the load lines are commented). However it changes the prompt theme to rubyrussel and adds some fancy tab-completeion feature that I really like. So I guess it's actually loading stuff from oh-my-zsh. If I remove the line antigen apply, I get the plain zsh prompt without the theme or aforementioned completion feature.

The tab completion works like this: Say I'm in a directory and there is a file named foo565bar.txt there. If I type 565 and press tab, it will complete it to foo565bar.txt which is very handy for the stuff I'm working with.

So I have two questions:

  1. Which oh-my-zsh plugin is providing this tab-completion functionality?
  2. How do I tell antigen to only load the above plugin from oh-my-zsh and nothing else?

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