Dovecot allows me to search on SUBJECT returning the body

doveadm fetch -u myUser body SUBJECT mySubject
My Body of message

This shows me it knows what a SUBJECT is, but when I try to return subject's

doveadm fetch -u myUser subject ALL

I get,

Available fetch fields: hdr.<name> body.<section> binary.<section> user mailbox mailbox-guid seq uid guid flags modseq hdr body body.snippet text text.utf8 size.physical size.virtual date.received date.sent date.saved date.received.unixtime date.sent.unixtime date.saved.unixtime imap.envelope imap.body imap.bodystructure pop3.uidl pop3.order refcount storageid

Fatal: Unknown fetch field: subject

How do I return the subjects of all messages for the user?


The subject is part of the header (hdr), so what you want is

doveadm fetch -u myUser hdr.subject ALL
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