I have Lubuntu 18.10 and can't seem to make Google Chrome Stable the default browser. I read online to go here in the terminal and choose browser and press enter, BUT, this does not work:

sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

I set up my keyboard with shortcut keys to hit CtrlB to pop up my browser, but Firefox pops up instead. How can I make Google Chrome my default browser in Lubuntu 18.10?

  • Hello Karen. You appear to be using two different accounts with the same name. I would recommend that you merge them, which will make editing your own question much easier. – roaima Apr 11 at 21:43

I just uninstalled firefox and google chrome is now the default browser.

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    Welcome on U&L! This looks like a workaround (e.g. what about users that may want to keep both the browsers installed?). Any idea on how to achieve the same result using system settings? – fra-san Jul 2 at 6:35

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