I would like to set the default paper tray for my HP Photosmart C309g-m, I am following this and when I use Airprint off my iPhone it always defaults to the photo paper tray rather than the main paper tray.

First I edited the defaults on the web interface, but that didn't do anything.

Next I tried working out how to use the lpoptions command, like this :lpoptions -o InputSlot/Media Source=Upper but that came back with this:

Usage: lpoptions [-h server] [-E] -d printer
       lpoptions [-h server] [-E] [-p printer] -l
       lpoptions [-h server] [-E] -p printer -o option[=value]...
       lpoptions [-h server] [-E] -x printer

Then I tried using another stackexchange answer

sudo lpoptions -p Photosmart_Premium_C309g-m -o InputSlot/Media Source=Upper

but that came back with the same thing. According to the many (other forums not to be named here) posts this issue is not isolated to the Airprint tutorial but also things like libre office however I am not in a position to test this. Thanks in advance.

P.S. sorry for spamming the stack with nooby CUPS questions

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