The /bin folder of Ubuntu 14.04 has files with dependencies. I want to copy the symbolic links along with the files, into a separate directory. Is there an inbuilt command for this?

  • What do you mean by "dependencies"? It could mean "the libraries that each command is using". – Kusalananda Apr 11 at 12:21
  • Yes, I meant libraries. – priyalsoni Apr 12 at 5:19

Use cp -P (capital P) to move any symbolic link and copy the symbolic link instead.

This can be combined with other options such as -R to copy a directory hierarchy — cp -RL traverses all symbolic links to directories, cp -RP copies all symbolic links as such. cp -R might do one or the other depending on the unix variants; GNU cp (as found on CentOS) defaults to -P.

Even with -P, you can copy the target of a symbolic link to a directory on the command line by adding a / at the end: cp -RP foo/ bar copies the directory tree that foo points to.

GNU cp has a convenient -a option that combines -R, -P, -p and a little more. It makes an exact copy of the source (as far as possible), preserving the directory hierarchy, symbolic links, permissions, modification times and other metadata. shareeditflag

  • Using these commands, cp -RP and cp -a, breaks the links and the files cannot be accessed after that. – priyalsoni Apr 12 at 5:23

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