I am connected to internet via the wifi provided by an Airport. I can't connect via SSH to my server. So, Airport may block port 22.

Is there a way to use nmap to list all ports I can access through the wifi ?

  • "Yes". Did you read man nmap to find out how to get it to list the port(s) you want to scan? – roaima Apr 11 at 21:54
  • Yes I did, but didn't found my answer there – InfiniteLooper Apr 12 at 9:59

You can list all open ports on a given host or on hosts in a range using nmap.

However, nmap can't tell you which ports are blocked by the airport wifi in general. You might try a port scan against a non-existent but routable host and see whether the wifi gateway rejects some connection attempts, which should look different from unanswered connection attempts.

  • Like a verbose mode for nmap telling me at which point the connection is rejected ? – InfiniteLooper Apr 11 at 11:09
  • No, nmap shows the state of ports (open, closed, filtered, unfiltered) but does not show where in the route this happens. A tool like tcptraceroute might be able to do that for single port numbers. – Hans-Martin Mosner Apr 11 at 11:33
  • 1
    A Linux system may even have a version of traceroute that can do exactly that when the proper options are used: traceroute -T -p 22 my-ssh-server.example – telcoM Apr 11 at 12:48

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