I've had NetBSD 7 installed for several years, running MariaDB 5.5.52 and gcc 4.8.4 and Geany. I would like to install a slightly more advanced desktop than XWindows.

When I cd into /usr/pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/lxdew or xfce4 and do

make install clean 

I get the same error msg for both.

Conflicting PLIST with glib1-1.48.2: bin/glib-genmarshal

How do I resolve this conflict? Can I overwrite the existing glib file without harm to MariaDB or GCC? If so, how?

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  • Are you working with a several years old checkout of the pkgsrc package repository? Are you able to use precompiled packages corresponding to your NetBSD release? Would you be able to upgrade the pkgsrc checkout and upgrade all packages using e.g. pkg_rolling-replace (in pkgtools)? Unfortunately I don't have a NetBSD system available to test with... – Kusalananda Apr 10 at 20:24

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