I would like to make an alpine installation iso which has the following attributes:

  1. During installation it has an answerfile so that the setup process (the setup script) takes those default inputs for use during installation (timezone, keyboard type etc...)

  2. ISO comes prepackaged with certain "life saver dependencies" like wpa_supplicant (for wifi) and bluetooth drivers for connectivity.

  3. The installation once initiated manually proceeds to completion using the default values in #1 without ever requiring manual input.

  4. Post the installation it creates a user profile with necessary privileges and does a first time setup like pulling in required libs and/or connecting to "mother server" for further configuration.

I explored lot of options: alpine-linux-iso-maker script, Cobbler, Chef etc... The only thing that comes close to accomplishing this is /sbin/setup-* script using answer file.

Is there a standard way to bake in the answerfile and dependencies into alpine linux iso?

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