There is a SLES 11.4 XEN HV.

There is a SLES 12.2 guest on it.

The guest is stable, only when we download something from the internet, the guest is getting crashed!

I think there is enough free memory:

xm info | grep memory
total_memory           : 524277
free_memory            : 54336
max_free_memory        : 57821
max_para_memory        : 57817
max_hvm_memory         : 57673

When I dd from urandom a bigger file in the guest, it doesn't crashes.

If I w3m different webpages from the guest, it doesn't crashes.

It only crashes when ex.:

wget https://packages.chef.io/....rpm

is executed. But it can download other files with wget.

On HV side:

tail -100 /var/log/xen/xend.log
[2019-04-10 12:42:55 9435] WARNING (XendDomainInfo:2194) Domain has crashed: name=SERVERGUEST id=67.
[2019-04-10 12:42:55 9435] DEBUG (XendDomainInfo:3234) XendDomainInfo.destroy: domid=67


tail -100 /var/log/messages
Apr 10 12:42:55 SERVERHV xenstored: write rate limit: not in force recently

The question: how can we investigate, what is causing the guest crash?

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