short version: Tried running KVM on a pendrive-installed Debian 9. All attempts result in the virtual machine running slowly if at all.

long version: I'm currently running a pendrive-installed Debian 9 Stretch. The installation works fine, nvidia drivers work fine, even PCSX2 will work fine.

KVM does not.

I think this has to do with some sort of cache file installed somewhere in those /var/ or /etc/ directories, and i believe the Android-x86 would complain during boot that LFENCE wasn't working or something like that.

Also, Android-x86 would was left booting for more than 5 hours and it wouldn't boot. All other isos i tried installing, like Tails or Windows XP, would work sluggishly at best, if at all.

Any suggestions? I don't want to switch to a hardrive installation, but well, maybe I don't have any other options for getting KVM to work right.

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