Given the following

  1. I want to write a file
  2. Change to the directory of the file
  3. Execute a bash command
  4. change to the previous directory

I made the following command

command Asc execute ":w | :cd %:p:h | !ansible-playbook --syntax-check % "

This seems to be working so far. However changing back to the previous directory with :cd - does not seem to work.

command Asc execute ":w | :cd %:p:h | !ansible-playbook --syntax-check % | :cd -"

My guess is, that the pipe and the stuff followed is interpreted by bash and not by vim.

How to overcome this problem? Or is there no way at all?

P.S.: I am aware of the autochdir option of vim

  • Also checkout out Vi and Vim, for Vim-focused questions. – muru Apr 10 at 14:14

From :h :!:

A '|' in {cmd} is passed to the shell, you cannot use it to append a Vim command.  See :bar.

But you could do something like:

command Asc execute ":w | ! cd %:p:h; ansible-playbook --syntax-check %"

Which eliminates the need to cd back, since only the executed shell changes directories.

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