I am trying to extend my ext4 partition using the GParted application. I've tried a number of times to get this to work, but it seems impossible.

My GParted setup

I've seen many threads about the issue being the unallocated space isn't next to the correct partition, there's a swap in the way, etc. But this isn't my case, as the unallocated space is directly to the left of the ext4 partition I want to extend.
When I go to resize, it doesn't give me the option to move to the left, just the right:

No left slider

Am I missing something here?

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    Is the partition mounted? Your screenshot suggests it is. – Stephen Kitt Apr 10 at 6:16
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    Yes it is, should this not be the case? – Nathan Grieser Apr 10 at 6:18

You are trying to modify your mounted root partition with gparted which doesn't work. You have to boot gparted from a live CD/USB from USB or CD, or boot from another linux (live system) since you cannot unmount this partition while being in use.

  • Thanks for the quick answer, I will try this! – Nathan Grieser Apr 10 at 6:27
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    In a little more detail, you can resize a mounted partition, but you can’t move it. – Stephen Kitt Apr 10 at 7:25

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