I have a Ubuntu NFS server with single interface (just one IP address i.e configured for both network and storage traffic.

To avoid performance issues, I have got the second interface activated which serves dedicated storage traffic and can handle upto 10G speed. So, the server got an additional IP address now.

There are no changes to /etc/exports but the Clients are unable to mount the NFS shares with the new storage IP address. But, I can still mount the NFS share using the existing ip address

Do I have to make any changes on the NFS server for the clients to be able to mount using the additional new ip address ?

The network doesn't need an additional gateway in my case as I have a dedicated interface for the storage traffic and I can telnet to port 2049 from client to the server. Activating the dedicated interface itself added the gateway.

  • Your IP address for storage traffic ( appears to be on a different subnet than your IP address for network traffic ( Do you have a router to route the storage traffic for you, and do you have routes on your clients configured for this new subnet? If these are attached to the same network segment you'll need to change the storage IP address to – pacmanwa Apr 9 at 20:31
  • Try reexporting all directories with sudo exportfs -r – GypsyCosmonaut Apr 10 at 2:56

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