I used fetchmail to access my Hotmail/Outlook mailbox. It downloaded every message inside Inbox, but now that folder is empty at the server. Now I see that fetchmail deletes messages by default:

-k | --keep : Keep retrieved messages on the remote mailserver. Normally, messages are deleted from the folder on the mailserver after they have been retrieved. Specifying the keep option causes retrieved messages to remain in your folder on the mailserver

I expected to find them in the Deleted folder or the Archive folder at the server but they are not there. Is there a way to find them (maybe something like a Imap/Deleted folder) or a way to reupload them?

  • Do you still have your local copies? (Wherever fetchmail ended up putting them.) – Stephen Kitt Apr 9 at 18:06
  • Yes, I used fetchmail + maildrop and they are in the local mailbox – golimar Apr 9 at 22:45

Solved using Thunderbird:

  1. Install Thunderbird
  2. Link Hotmail account to Thunderbird using the same IMAP settings as in fetchmail
  3. In Thunderbird install ImportExportTools extension
  4. Create new folder in Local Folders, right click on the new folder, select ImportExportTools and import mbox file, select the user's mailbox file (e.g. /var/mail/myusername)
  5. Drag the new local folder into the linked Hotmail account in Thunderbird, wait until all messages are uploaded back to the server

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