Can anyone suggest me on what would be the best way to trigger a certain key kombo with another one. Say, I'd like to send CTRL+= while pressing CTRL+[. Basically I want to workaround zoom for Google Chrome.


Esc (i. e. ^[) is not a shift-type key such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or Meta. These latter keys alter the character code sent by another key sent in when pressed in combination with them. For instance, the character sent by ] (]) is a different character from that sent by Ctrl+] (^]), which is in turn different from that sent with Shift+] (}). Esc is itself a character, and cannot be combined with another character; merely sent in sequence (i .e. before or after) with them.

  • I see, however CTRL+[ could be bound to trigger some action, is it not possible to trigger another key combo? – Tom Thomson Apr 10 at 7:15

If your distribution has xbindkeys in its repositories, you could easily combine it with xdotool.

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