I've been trying for 3 days now to get my colorscheme to display properly inside of a screen session versus at the terminal prompt outside of screen or tmux session. I've read all the links and tried everything anyone suggested with zero success. I've attached a few images below. The first is what my vim session looks like outside of tmux or screen and the second 2 are inside of tmux and screen. One with screen-256 color set and the other with xterm-256color. They are different but neither are anywhere close to the gruvbox scheme I'm using.

I'm using an Ubuntu server 16 and have even tried to upgrade vim and screen programs to latest versions and doesn't change anything.

Anyone know how to get the color schemes to match?


vim before running screen or tmux

vim inside screen with screen-color256

vim inside screen with xterm-256color

enter image description here

This last picture is of running through tmux instead of screen. I have that grayish background behind all the text and the rest of the background is black. Very close to what I'm looking for but not sure why text background and rest of background aren't the same.


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Ok, for anyone interested:

I ended up finding another post on internet stating to add

set t_ut=

in the .vimrc file. Doing this clears the background color and fixed my issue. So screen still does not work but tmux seems to be working properly with this latest entry. Not sure what is going on but just needed to get things working and seems to be.


t_ut turns off BCE. tmux should support BCE but it depends on the tmux version, I think 2.1 is too old.


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