The actual state of my machine: os: Window 10 64bit CPU: i5-6400 ram: 32GB GPU: GTX 1050 Nvidia Dual monitor 4K

I installed last VirtualBox 6.0.4 and I installed Debian 9.6 on the VM.

VM state: core: 4 ram: 10GB gpu ram: 256MB enalbe: VT-x/AMD-V dual monitor enabled

I installed virtual-guest-addition with all required packages properly but my VM run very very slow.

I can't understand why because it runs with an average consumption of resources.

I think only to the dual monitor 4k, I can't think of anything else. Unfortunately, this system is unusable.

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    Hello and welcome to the Unix and Linux stack exchange site! Please review the Help Center for more information on how to best use this site. You never gave the specs of the VM. What is "slow"? This will be a difficult issue to solve if there are no specifics. If I remember correctly, Virtualbox will default to 1 CPU core and 512 MB of RAM and only a very limited amount of shared virtual video ram. Compared to the specs of your host OS this would be a much slower system. – kemotep Apr 9 at 12:39
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    Try reducing the number of virtual CPUs to 1, it may be that virtualbox's new version is doing very badly with that, and problems related to spectre etc. – teppic Apr 9 at 15:29
  • I do not think Virtualbox can utilize a 4k display inside a VM without passing the entire GPU through to the guest machine, which would prevent you from using that GPU on the host. A virtual GPU with 256MB memory does not sound like enough for a single 4k monitor – GracefulRestart Apr 9 at 19:03

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