I got my new Lenovo T480 laptop which has two batteries: one internal and one external. The used Linux is Arch Linux.

If I use the battery the behavior is that the first battery is used down to 5% capacity and at this moment the second battery powers the laptop.

I want to change the value from 5% to 20% because using the battery down to 5% is in my opinion not the best way to get a healthy and long living battery.

With tlp I found a way to optimize the charging threshold. But at the moment I find existing no way to tell linux (or the notebook in general) to switch to the second battery if the first is under 20% capacity.

Is there any existing solution/best practice in the community? Otherwise I must build an own service which checks the battery every 5 minutes and switch manually via tlp and force_discharge (if it is possible).

  • AFAIR, the switch between batteries is made by hardware, not way to switch them via software. – Rui F Ribeiro Apr 9 at 17:36

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