I'm trying to use vidir from the moreutils package and I have the following issue: When I load the files I want to rename with vidir like this:

$ vidir

or like this:

$ find -type f | vidir --verbose -

vidir displays a number, a tab, and the full path of the files like this:

1   ./file1
2   ./file2
3   ./file3

or if it isn't the current folder like this:

1   ./folder/subfolder1/file1
2   ./folder/subfolder1/file2
3   ./folder/subfolder1/file3

Now, I see some advantages in this like the ability to swap file names by swaping the numbers or editing folder names but I just want to rename the files in the same folder and maybe delete some files. My issue is when I use regex to rename the filenames everything could be affected,namely the numbers, the slashes, the dots and the tabs. I tried to remove them at start make my modifications and then rebuild them but vidir complains when I save the file and close the editor.

So how could circumvent this issue? Am I missing something?

EDIT: I tried again to remove the vidir prefix before I start my modifications and add it back when I'm finished and it seems to be working. These are the functions I used in Vim:

" Remove vidir prefix
function! VidirRemovePrefix()

" Delete line
function! VidirDeleteLine()

" Add vidir prefix back
function! VidirAddPrefix()
    :%s /^/\t.\//
    execute "normal! ggVG"   
    :let i=1 | '<,'>g/^/ s//\=i . ""/ | let i+=1

For some reason the last function does not always work. If this is the case then I execute the last line (for inserting the numbers) manually in the command line.

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