At first, I wanted to simply use:

find /etc -type f -perm -004 

And it did work. But then there were two files from which a current user could not read, but a group this user was in could access it anyway. So it didn't work properly.

I think this problem is solvable by writing a small script and iterating over each group. But is there a simpler way around it?



find /etc -type f -readable

From man find:


Matches files which are readable. This takes into account access control lists and other permissions artifacts which the -perm test ignores. This test makes use of the access(2) system call, and so can be fooled by NFS servers which do UID mapping (or root-squashing), since many systems implement access(2) in the client's kernel and so cannot make use of the UID mapping information held on the server.

Limitation: This won't find readable files if they are under a directory that is not readable. (Hat tip roaima.)

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