I have installed MATE desktop environment in my CentOS (version 7.5 x64). But there is no quick launcher 'applications' button and also my VS code installation doesn't have min,max,close buttons.

I have used below command to install MATE desktop.

yum -y groupinstall "MATE Desktop"

What is wrong? enter image description here

In Gnome 3 desktop, 'application' button shown as below. how to enable 'application' button in MATE?

enter image description here


Please open a terminal and run mate-panel --reset if that does not work run

mate-menu --clean & mate-menu --clear & mate-menu --reset to revert the menu config file to it's original state.

You can find a copy in /etc/xdg/menus/mate-applications.menu/

Now I couldn't find a good way to avoid rebooting, to restart the desktop environment.

What I found indicated to either kill your X or light-dm application to reboot desktop environment.

If you still do not have the menu visible please share what is in your /etc/xdg/menus/mate-applications.menu file as well as any output.

Please report if this issue exists if you create an other user and log into mate as the new user.

As a temp work around you can try brisk-menu, which comes highly recommended as a mate menu.

The Min Max window error is directly related to marco,

  • mate-menu --clean , bash:mate-menu : command not found – Samselvaprabu Apr 26 at 6:24

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