Trying to install Elementary OS to a USB stick , ran into a few problems:

I booted from another live usb, formatted a 28GB ext4 for Linux (/dev/sdb1) and a ESP (/dev/sdb5) on the USB, chose to install bootloader on /dev/sdb. The installer did its things and after it was done I realized that the ESP I created was empty and that GRUB has been installed in (/dev/sda). Now the USB sticks, as expected, only boots on his laptop.

How can I reinstall GRUB on the USB stick?

  • It works if you disable or disconnect the internal drive before you start the installation. See this link – sudodus Apr 8 at 17:47
  • Got it, shouldn't have used a laptop – randomTWdude Apr 9 at 4:36
  • In some laptops it is rather easy to unplug the internal drive. It is more difficult in other laptops. But there are alternatives. – sudodus Apr 9 at 4:42

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