I'm trying to add two doubles

sum=`echo $y1+$y2 | bc -l`

the above script gives me sum = -2.704405652. How do i resolve this issue?


You can do it with awk with this command:

sum=`echo|awk -v y1=$y1 -v y2=$y2 '{print y1+y2}'`

As suggested in comment awk can be rewritten on this way (to avoid echo)

sum=`awk -v y1=$y1 -v y2=$y2 'BEGIN {print y1+y2}'`
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    You can change the block to BEGIN{... and save the echo :) – mickp Apr 8 at 14:36

Try this,

echo "$y1 $y2" | awk  '{print $1+$2}'

Just print the two values separated by space and add the first two fields with awk

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