I installed Alpine Linux on Intel Compute Stick with 32 Bit Atom Processor.

After installation I followed the procedure laid out here for connecting to internet via wlan0 port: Connecting to a wireless access point.

However during boot it hangs up with this last message:

"successfully initialized wpa_supplicant"

It hangs for a long long time and a manual intervention with Ctrl+C is required to move past this step.

One solution is to start internet after booting completes so that it does not hijack the booting process - However non availability of internet during boot causes Chronyd NTP client to fail as it needs access to internet.

  • Just a stab-in-the-dark - is this caused by the SSH service slowing down the boot? Try temporarily disabling it. – garethTheRed Apr 8 at 11:54
  • @garethTheRed It doesn’t seem to be Ssh. Saying this because after CTRL+C it reports two other success messages regarding internet connection before moving on. So I’d assert it has everything to do with wpa_supplicant. – Ace Apr 8 at 11:56
  • OK. Just for info though - in my case Alpine was hanging for a while (starting SSH) due to a lack of entropy. Installing haveged fixed it. There's a similar complaint about wpa_supplicant causing a delay on the Gentoo Forums – garethTheRed Apr 8 at 13:57
  • Ah! Ok thanks that is a positive lead. Let me try that out. I will report back the outcome here. – Ace Apr 8 at 13:58
  • @garethTheRed haveged is well pointed out. It is a necessity in simple systems that have a low entropy from the hw, such as VMs or ioTs like the rpi. – Rui F Ribeiro Apr 8 at 17:57

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