I have a machine with no CD/DVD drive. I do not own a USB. This device has only 32gigs of memory. I have a Kali iso that I want to install on it. The notebook currently runs on Debian. Any ideas on how this can be done? Would I be able to use grub2's isoboot?

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    Welcome to the Unix and Linux stack exchange site! Please review the Help Center to get more information on how to best post to this site. Sounds like you are already aware of a solution. What have you tried and what is not working? You already have a working Debian install, why is it necessary to switch over to Kali? Many of the tools Kali comes with even work on Windows computers. – kemotep Apr 8 at 10:58

There are methods not specifically documented for Kali which work for Arch and Debian. However, since you have Debian, and Debian is the foundation of Kali, you may add the packages to your Debian install to let it do what Kali does, including downloading, building, and installing the Kali kernel.

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