I am trying to execute an application on a remote Solaris 11 machine using Xming and X11 forwarding, however when attempting to connect with X11 forwarding using plink the connection succeeds but rather than load the interface the X11 connection terminates without any reason or errors:

Received X11 connect request from
Opening X11 forward connection succeeded
Forwarded X11 connection terminated
Disconnected: All channels closed

This had previously been working, and the only change made to the remote machine was that Sybase 15.7 was installed.

X11 is configured in sshd config as:

X11DisplayOffset 10
X11UseLocalhost yes
X11Forwarding yes

EDIT: It is also possibly worth mentioning that there is also a Server sent command exit status 0 immediately after initial setup of the application I am trying to run.

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    Once connected through ssh, is there a display environment variable set on the remote Solaris machine. ... echo $DISPLAY ... and are there any unusual authentication parameters required for remote connection to the X11 server? ... You mention "the application I am trying to run." ... do other applications function properly? Is it only this particular application that is problematic? – RubberStamp Apr 8 at 12:00

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