I have several recordings with a file-name schema like this



I want to swap words to obtain:



I know I can use sed utility but its syntax is like an archaic language, plus I'm confused about the use of both [0-9] and . for substitution.

  • The archaic language is regular expressions. However sed if for file content and streams. rename (the Larry Wall version), is sed for file-names. – ctrl-alt-delor Apr 7 at 10:14

It's all about using captured groups of digits, and putting groups at desired places to get the required name:

sed -E 's/^([[:digit:]]{4})([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})-([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})__(\+[[:digit:]]+)/\7__\3-\2-\1_\4-\5-\6/'
  • -E enables ERE (Extended Regular Expressions)

  • [[:digit:]] matches a locale-aware digit

  • {N} matches N number of preceding token e.g. [[:digit:]]{2} matches 2 digits; this can also be a range e.g. [[:digit:]]{2,4} matches 2 to 4 digits


% sed -E 's/^([[:digit:]]{4})([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})-([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})__(\+[[:digit:]]+)/\7__\3-\2-\1_\4-\5-\6/' <<<'20190212-112007__+313206601234.amr'
  • @mattia.b89: With prename (Perl's standalone rename command): prename -n 's/^([[:digit:]]{4})([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})-([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})([[:digit:]]{2})__(\+[[:digit:]]+)/$7__$3-$2-$1_$4-$5-$6/' *.amr. If everything looks fine, remove -n. – Cyrus Apr 7 at 11:06

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