On OpenBSD 6.4 , my usb keyboard is dead so i get a old ps2 keyboard.
The problem now is that it is configured as qwerty keyboard and it is a azerty keyboard.
I can set it in xfce with :

  Keyboard model : Logitech internet 350 keyboard
  Keyboard layout : French (Azerty)

It is always qwerty in xenodm.
dmesg tell me :

pckbc0 at isa0 port 0x60/5 irq 1 irq 12
pckbd0 at pckbc0 (kbd slot)
wskbd0 at pckbd0: console keyboard, using wsdisplay0

There is no keyboard listed with wsconsctl.
So with wsconctl keyboard.encoding=fr, i get :

wsconsctl: /dev/wskbd0: No such file or directory.

What can i do ?

  • The error message is (I believe) misleading (in 6.5 it says "Permission denied"). Try again with doas (i.e. as root). – Kusalananda Apr 6 at 19:02
  • @Kusalananda Thanks for comment, I try that at root like it's system configuration. /dev/wskbd0 don't exist. I try to use MAKEDEV script with no avail. One more think ? – ctac_ Apr 6 at 19:11
  • Hmm... That's a device file that should exist. Did you run cd /dev && doas ./MAKEDEV all? Usually, following normal installation or upgrade procedures should have created that device. – Kusalananda Apr 6 at 19:14
  • @Kusalananda Thanks MAKEDEV all do the trick. – ctac_ Apr 6 at 19:33

The /dev/wskbd0 device should exist on an OpenBSD 6.4 system. If it doesn't, it's a sign of a botched or incomplete upgrade or installation (creating the devices is usually the last step in an installation or upgrade and is done automatically if you install/upgrade by booting the bsd.rd kernel), or you may have deleted some device files manually.

To recreate the default devices, use

cd /dev && doas ./MAKEDEV all

The /dev/MAKEDEV script will then recreate the device files that should exist on any OpenBSD 6.4 system, including the /dev/wskbd0 file.

  • I never delete /dev/wskbd0. i only change tthe keyboard. I don't understand what happen but MAKEDEV all create or recreate /dev/wskbd0 and this way, all is ok. – ctac_ Apr 6 at 20:04

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